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The Butter Battle Book: (new York Times Notable Book Of The Year) (classic Seuss)

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Butter Battle Book
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Engaged in a long-running battle, the Yooks and the Zooks develop more and more sophisticated weaponry as they attempt to outdo each other.
Searching for a fantastic book? The Butter Battle Book: (new York Times Notable Book Of The Year) (classic Seuss) is the right children's book! The author is Dr. Seuss and it was published sometime in 1984 by Random House Books for Young Readers. The book has 56 pages and it is full of colorfully illustrated pictures.

Random House Books for Young Readers

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ISBN: 0394865804
Author: Dr. Seuss
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"Dr. Seuss chronicles the feud in among the Yooks along with all the Zooks from slingshots through sophisticated weaponry, until each side has the capacity to destroy the globe. The parade of increasingly elaborate (and ridiculous) armaments tends to make a telling point."--Booklist.  "--School Library Journal."Provocative, packs an allegorical punch. The language amuses, the drawings are zesty and humorous, along with all the demand for this book will possibly be large.

A cautionary Cold War tale (first told by Dr. Seuss back in 1984) , The Butter Battle Book nonetheless has a lot to teach about intolerance and how tit-for-tat violence can quickly get out of hand."" But when the Zooks fought back, the switches gave way to Triple-Sling Jiggers, then Jigger-Rock Snatchems--even a Kick-a-Poo Kid that was"loaded with strong Poo-a-Doo Powder and ants' eggs and bees' legs and dried-fried clam chowder. Explaining the extremely serious differences in in between the Zooks and also the Yooks, a Zook grandpa tells his grandchild the unspeakable truth:"It's high time that you knew inside the terribly horrible thing that Zooks do."He then recalls his days with the Zook-Watching Border Patrol, as he gave any Zook who dared come close"a twitch with my tough-tufted prickley Snick-Berry Switch. In every Zook house and every Zook town each and every Zook eats his bread with the butter side down!

With lots of fun and more-than-fair digs at the runaway spending and one-upmanship of U. S. -Soviet days, The Butter Battle Book makes a chuckle-filled study whether you're old enough to get the historical references or not.) (Ages 4 to 8) --Paul Hughes (And with all of the Bitsy Big-Boy Boomeroos still in service, this book's message is far from obsolete.


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