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Dear Mom: A Children's Story For Moms In Dr. Seuss Style Rhyme (meus Tales #5)

Dear Mom: A Children's Story For Moms5 Star Rating
Dear Mom A Childrens Story For Moms
"Dear Mom: A Children's Story For Moms" - Has Been A Must Own Book

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Author: Mr. Meus


The #1 Amazon bestseller to melt any mom's heart. Now here's Mr. Meus. So stay tuned for the wonder. You'll also get a sneak peek from the next Meus Tale: My Daddy Adores Me. Who IS Mr. Meus? That Marvel of Rhyme, carried by Mother Goose, and so beautifully spun by the great Dr. Seuss."So he dug up some paper and pulled out a pen, and just started writing and then."If you love your mom then this really is the ultimate gift that you can give her. Written in Dr. Seuss style rhyme (no, Mr. Meus is not his long-lost nephew) , Dear Mom (Meus Tales #5) is truly a sweet story of a child attempting to find some way to thank Mom for all that she gives. There was a young man; as"Meus"he was known. And he felt in himself,"Hey, I can do that. If you like books by Dr. Seuss (like The Lorax and The Cat inside the Hat) or books by Shel Silverstein, Sandra Boynton, and Margaret Wise Brown, then get ready to actually like Mr. Meus. Any relation towards the famed Dr. Seuss? and much more. Even if I say thank you supplied that I reside."One day he was reading that Green Eggs and Ham, and after that he just knew,"I'm a Rhymer, I am. Then the Dr. passed on, and his rhymes stayed behind. Their names even rhymed--it was just meant to develop to be."How can I say thank you for all that you give?"-George NOTE: This book could be a picture-free tale which is meant to develop to be read aloud. First was Mother Goose."THERE MAY BE A WAY. DEAR MOM"Dear Mom, you're the best; you're the greatest of great. That Marvel of Rhyme, that so fairly couple of see. BONUS:Included with Dear Mom can be a bonus story: The City of Light. The rhythmic words paint the picture for your imagination."" If the kids are looking for some factor to complete for mom for Mother's Day, they can't go wrong with reading"Dear Mom"to her! But who would the Marvel of Rhyme come to find? And it seemed he was destined also to personal. ". there's much more yet to come. So to you these couple of words I do dedicate…"HOW TO THANK YOU? Then came Dr. Seuss. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Who IS he, you ask?"If you like Dr. Seuss, you'll love Mr. Meus. well, then."" Moms of all ages would appreciate this story! So go tell your mother, your father, your brother, Your uncle, your grandma, your neighbour, your sister, about this new Meus that they're calling Mr. His rhymes have that marvel of old Mother Goose and that master of rhyme, the great Dr. Seuss. WHAT READERS ARE SAYING ABOUT DEAR MOM:"Oh My God Was This So Beautiful."" Wow wow, it's really emotional."No relation via blood; just connection through rhyme: a marvel that travels through space and through time. That marvel of Meus: it's awe and then some. Like you, Meus grew up employing the Grinch and the Cat. then. Born was the Mr. - one tale then another. Discover the"heart-to-heart"strategy to thank Mom and melt her heart.


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