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Scrambled Eggs Super! (classic Seuss)

4 stars
Scrambled Eggs Super
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I'd like to share with you this great child's book entitled Scrambled Eggs Super. Written by Dr. Seuss and it was published sometime in 1953 by Random House Books for Young Readers. The child's book has 64 pages.

Random House Books for Young Readers

MPN: 9780394800851
ISBN: 0394800850
Author: Dr. Seuss
Package Quantity: 1

"Riotous humor in picture and verse as an enterprising Seuss creature hunts uncommon eggs for a super deluxe dish."--Child Study Assn.    

Starring exactly the exact same perky boy who captured Thing One and Thing Two in The Cat in the Hat, this is genuinely a first-person tall tale about cooking. They're exactly like Zuffs. But the Ziffs reside on cliffs and the Zuffs live on bluffs. Peter T. Hooper is bored to bits by his mother's habit of always generating scrambled eggs out of hen's eggs."Somehow, you get the impression that Liz doesn't think a word of it."We're off on an epic journey to parts (and birds) unknown, all told in classic head-over-heels Seussian style:"Then I went for some Ziffs. To be precise, it's time for"Scrambled eggs Super-Dee-Dooper-Dee-Booper, Special deluxe a-la-Peter T. Hooper."Finally, following capturing a small mountain of distinct varieties of egg--from Moth-Watching Sneths, Long-Legger Kwongs, and others--it's back to the kitchen for a 99-pan scramble, with all sorts of bizarre ingredients added just for fun."And so,"he informs his friend Liz,"I decided that, just for a change, I'd scramble a new sort of egg on the range. (Ages 4 to 8) --Richard Farr


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